Functionalab Group: A canadian beauty-cosmetics in great growth that offers high technicity products and services

After creating a flagship-corner on the NYC’s 5th avenue, Functionalab bought Jouviance, a well known Canadian cosmetic brand, as well as Dermapure, a network of beauty instituts, thus establishing a robust base to develop global and multicanal group in North America. The Dermapure institutes sell all Functionalab’s products as well as Jouviance’s products since 2015 in the 2500 affiliated selling points.
Pueblo helps Erick Geoffrion in in strategy and creation since the beggining of he’s success story…

Key steps

  • 2009 : Positionning of Functionalab, identity and brands’ attributes, products’ design and packaging (CA: 750K$)
  • 2011 : Functionalab buy Jouviance, repositioning and new design
  • 2013 : Functionalab buy the Dermapure network, repositioning and new design
  • 2015 : Acceleration and brand integration (CA : 24 M$)-
  • 2016 : Expansion of the Dermapure’s esthetic clinic without surgery networks
Created in 2009 by Erick Geoffrion, a young canadian entrepreneur, Functionalab chose Pueblo for the creation of their brand identity, the desing of their products and packaging, their external communication, merchandising and retail concept.